Recent Drawings

We haven’t had a drawing post in a while. Here is some recent sketch work.

I’ve been working with ink, watercolors and gouache lately, after having done mostly ink work in a class I took last year:


James Jean’s sketchbooks are full of these great layered drawings, faces on top of faces and everything just obsessively drawn right on top of other drawings, sometimes several layers deep. I’ve been looking at those a lot lately, and wanted to try something like that. This one isn’t finished, but it’s coming along:


This is just an ink/watercolor sketch that came together nicely:


And finally, I went to a fashion show last weekend and, though I took a few pictures:


Most of the time there I tried just sketching on one small page in a moleskine notebook, just people in the club, objects, architecture, impressions of motion, anything that caught my eye while I sat there. I ended up with this:


I’ll try posting at least one drawing update a week. I’ve been doing quite a lot of this recently, but haven’t been scanning or photographing it enough.

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