What I’ve been up to…

Moving again, to a new apartment, so the website redesign and all the other projects are going to be a little delayed. Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming new layout:
Layout Mockup
(The Fibonacci spiral apocalypse in there is just for planning – they won’t be in the finished layout.)

I drew a portrait of someone:

And another sort of diagrammatic portrait of someone else’s tattoos and bodymods, arranged in graphic symmetry:
Vanitas Vanitatum Omnia Vanitas

Started a 365 project on Flickr:
Movingmazefour color grave

And had an interesting conversation about gender:

So, keeping busy. More to come. Happy New Year!

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Bill became odd after surviving a long series of mentally destabilizing encounters with Numinous Memetic Entities. He likes to curse, and considers evocative vulgarity to be the last remaining genuine form of poetry left to the human heart.

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