Year of the Gorgon

gorgon xray

A lot has happened over the past year, but not in an obvious way. Not in a way I can show you. That is likely to change as 2012 progresses. 2012 is shaping up to be the Year of the Gorgon, when then serpents grow out of my brain.

Last year I moved to a new apartment:

sunset sunday

And started using it as a figure drawing studio again:

the studio

Which led to three things. First, a new friend, the model and artist Push, who I started off drawing and ended up renting an art workspace with:


Second, the space, which is a very cool loading dock with a semi trailer permanently parked at it:


Having that space allowed me to complete six new pastel pieces in time for a group show in December:

I didn’t sell any of them, but at least I got over the barrier of never having shown work in public.

Other things that got a start this year; I met a potential partner in the LofiSciFi Film Festival/Community project, and we’ve started the ball rolling on that, though it’s not rolling in a straight line at the moment. I spent the money to get a real camera, the Canon 60D, and have begun learning to use it, along with adobe’s suite of video editing tools:

So there will be more video coming in 2012.

I took a trip to Toronto and Manhattan and got caught in the hurricane. I met and made several friends, met a filmmaker I admire and watched his newest unreleased work.

Late in the year I painted a glow in the dark skeleton on a burlesque dancer, which resulted in this:

It was a fun year. Groundwork was laid.

That’s as much of a retrospective as I can manage. Stay tuned for new things.

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