This is a challenge. Can I complete three high quality pieces around the theme of love’s birth and decay, and have them done before February 2nd for possible entry into a Valentine’s Day group show?

ardor arms

I need to stay away from nudes for these. I also need to get out of my thematic rut and do some more fully conceived pictures.

These are a couple of sketches of the core idea in progress. It’ll stay somewhere around this, but it’ll also change quite a bit before completion.

My head is full right now of pop surrealism and art nouveau. I watched Meredith Yayanos and Thomas Negovan record a Theramin onto an Edison Wax Cylinder yesterday, and stared at several Alphonse Mucha ‘Le Pater’ lithographs.

The result is this, so far.


I’ve got a facebook page focused on my artwork now. It just launched, so there’s not a lot there, but I’ll be filling it up as I work this year. I’d be delighted if you felt inclined to click over there and like it!

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