This is my friend Aryiel. She is a wonderful performer.

Occasionally she will call me out of the blue because she is in costume and needs to be photographed.

This is the first of a few from one of those emergencies.

Aryiel does a lot of brilliant things, but this is one of my favorite:

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Bill became odd after surviving a long series of mentally destabilizing encounters with Numinous Memetic Entities. He likes to curse, and considers evocative vulgarity to be the last remaining genuine form of poetry left to the human heart.

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  • Aryiel Hartman

    Thank you BILL!!! I can’t wait for more silliness :-)

  • oddbill

    Thanks! You remember how weird they get, so those are coming…

  • oddbill

    Thanks! You remember how weird the rest of them are, so those are still to come…