Archives: Ephemera

It’s been a while so here’s a quick where to find me:

Flickr – a lot of the images are not visible unless you are logged in to flickr due to content. This is where some of my better work ends up.

Instagram – I put a lot of work in progress and sketches here.

Tumblr – This is mostly a mirror of instagram stuff, with less worry about censorship. Mostly I wanted to get the sweet sweet reblogs, but they elude me.

Twitter – decent enough channel to chat me up, tend to tweet in dense bursts separated by days or weeks, though I’m reading more or less constantly.

Facebook – this is largely neglected and running on crossposts from tumblr. I really haven’t figured out what to do with it, though I feel compelled to be there.

And, tailing along forlorn at then end here…

ello – I had such high hopes for this place.

So come look me up!